Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spooky Fun Halloween Books!

Halloween is my favorite time of year for Children's books. (Yes, even more than Christmas!)  There are so many wonderful, funny, creepy, and beautifully illustrated books that are Halloween themed.  Here are some of the books I have in my own classroom!
 This one of my newer books Halloween books.  It's a spin on the "12 Days of Christmas".  It can been kind of I wouldn't recommend it for little kids!
Cinderella Skeleton is a version of (obviously) Cinderella. The illustrator is David favorite.  It's written in poem form and some of the words are REALLY big.  It would be perfect for upper elementary and higher.

 These "Black Lagoon" books started as a picture book series (Class From the Black Lagoon, Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon, etc...).  A few years ago, they came out with short chapter books.  The kids love them!! 
 This book, by Jerry Seinfield, is HILARIOUS.  I read it to my kids, but it really is geared more to adults.  We've all been there...the costume mask with the wimpy piece of elastic that breaks 10 minutes into trick-or-treating, or having to wear our coats over our costumes which defeats the whole purpose.  It's truly a great book for kids and adults alike!!
 Poor Wiener dog...his owner puts him in a hot dog costume.  But he ends up saving the night!
 Cute, cute, cute book.  Great for those kids who are scared of a monster under their bed!!

 Junie B. Jones...a quick-read chapter book and so funny!
 This is my newest Halloween book.  Again, my favorite illustrator.  He takes the classic song and puts it in a book with fantastic pictures!!
This is a remake of the classic story.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the illustrations in this book.

 Rainbow Magic series: Trixie the Halloween Fairy.  Girls LOVE these books!!
Last but not least, my favorite fuzzy, funny, and spooky cat Splat!!  

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